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I rely on free and open source software options as much as possible in my work. F ree software has a very beneficial and democratizing effect on the practice of astrology. I prefer free software for the site because it allows readers of any income level to replicate my charts and tables. Furthermore, there is a wealth of free birth data online, particularly on Astrodatabank.

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Access to free software allows for easy chart-calculation to test out techniques against a wider range of data than I can present in an article. As readers of the blog will know, my favorite free software program is Morinus. Morinus is not just free astrology software, it is great astrology software.

Hellenistic Astrology Looks through the Hands of the Fates in the Death and Life of Tycho Brahe

For instance, I can have a wheel in which the terms of the signs, the 7 hermetic lots of Paulus Alexandrinus, and the twelfth-parts of the planets are all immediately visible. I also have quick access to primary directions and zodiacal releasing information. Members of the community with coding experience are free to check out the source code and adapt it to meet their needs. In this sense, the developers thanks Robert! Check out this post for more information on Morinus and free software in general , and this post on how to calculate primary directions with Morinus.

Over a year ago, in early , a new version of Morinus emerged specifically tailored to Hellenistic astrology.

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  6. In addition to the inclusion of Zodiacal Releasing, this version of Morinus also features the ability to easily insert the prenatal syzygy, the 7 hermetic lots a lot for each planet as discussed by Paulus Alexandrinus and sourced from an early text attributed to Hermes , and the twelfth-parts of the planets into the chart. After trying out the software, I firmly believe it is the best yet for Hellenistic techniques, and will serve readers well as they read the posts on this blog.

    You can download the software here for Windows scroll to the bottom of the page and download the Valensexe.

    If you want your charts to look like the ones on this blog, here are a few tips. I prefer the clean look of a black and white chart. When I began studying Astrology many years ago, I started from our most popular form for it today, "Sun Sign Astrology". As I read about Scorpio, I saw of course that I had many things in common.

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    Were we all exactly as Linda Goodman described? My experience with others of my sign said, NO! What was it that then made us "kindred" but different? These questions were the beginning of my "investigative" growth stage. You will notice of course, that I avoid the use of the word "evolution" here. In the strictest sense of the word and theory it is the acceptance that one species changes into another. An Astrologer is not another species, although there are many who might argue that point with me.

    Not knowing where to begin my investigations, I turned to a novelty bookshop and purchased my first "Astrology" book. In its pages, I discovered, much to my satisfaction, that there was more to Astrology than just being born on a certain day of the year. In order to cast a "true" Horoscope it was needful to also have the time of day. To my astonishment there was needed a certain level of mathematical and astronomical understanding!

    Terms like ecliptic, celestial equator, right ascension, sidereal time, mean time, true solar time, latitude and declination; now these were things into which I could sink my figurative teeth. So began to unfold the world of Houses and aspects, planetary rulers and dispositors. There were elements and qualities, planets moving direct and those, which moved, retrograde. How exciting my newfound world was!

    Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune

    Well as with every "silver lining" there was lurking, in the background, a "dark cloud", I just as quickly found that there was a certain amount of serious disagreement between Astrologers. This is no new phenomenon either. Vettius Valens, a 2nd century C.

    Greek astrologer recounts to us:. As you can see, our astrological forebears suffered as much from the same human intrigues as us today.

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    In fact, we find a fairly substantial rift exists today between the various approaches and practices. There seems to have been a distinct polarisation into two camps. Since the mid-nineties, more and more ancient texts have been translated and revealed. Unfortunately the division seems to be growing wider and wider. No truer words have proven themselves so accurately throughout history, "A house divided cannot stand!

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    This has been the motivation for my quest back through the ages. To study and learn from the experience of those that have formed astrology, who shaped it to what we have today. To follow the winds and twists and rediscover those threads of continuity that is missing today. This is the question most are probably asking and is more to the point of this introduction. In order to answer properly however requires a closer examination of our astrological history. When starting my investigations I have to honestly admit that I was in no wise prepared for the enormous amount of historical and philosophical evidence I was to have to examine.

    It is a record that would and does in fact fill several volumes of books. My recapitulation here of the historical record is therefore going to be much abbreviated. I am not going to dwell in depth on the astrology before the Hellenistic period.

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