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If the program or website has no interpretation:. A chart can be very confusing to look at. The key to reading these important aspects is to know the symbols of the Sun, Moon, and Rising as well as the symbols of the twelve signs. The symbol for the Sun looks like a bulls-eye and the Moon looks like, well, a moon! They can be located anywhere around the circle. Locate the symbol and you will see two numbers on either side of a second symbol.

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That second, inner symbol is the sign of the Sun or Moon. The Rising is a bit different. It's not a planet, it's the constellation that was on the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth. Looking at an astrology chart as a clock, this will always be at 9 o'clock. What sign do you see when you look to the left of the line that denotes 9 o'clock?

Negotiations are apt to be strained and awkward, although direct confrontation is unlikely. Thinking, reading, and learning about how to improve your work, or some aspect of it, is on the agenda now. You may learn a new technique. Discussions with co-workers, employers, and employees are likely to be fruitful, and minor but beneficial changes are likely to result. Talking about any health concerns you may have, with someone knowledgeable is also helpful at this time. Conversations with your partners and friends are critical now.

This is a time for you to really listen and learn from others. If there is some matter you are concerned with, now is an excellent time to consult a professional or even a good friend that can give helpful feedback. At this time you need and seek out the opinions, advice, and counsel of others, realizing that an objective or opposing point of view helps you clarify your own thoughts. You should be able to communicate in a highly effective manner right now. This comes from your ability to see yourself clearly and in a loving way.

You can present yourself in a very positive light and come across very well with lightness and ease. This is a very positive time in your marriage or closest one-to-one relationships.

Your need to be together and to share loving feelings is very strong. You want to give to your friends and loved ones and may spend generously in order to make them happy. You may also meet someone now who is very good for you. This is a very favorable time for meeting people, particularly potential friends or romantic partners. You are feeling especially open-hearted and will find that others are very receptive to your friendly overtures. You want companionship and affection very much at this time and will not want to go it alone. If you are married, the love and attention you give to your mate will make your relationship much smoother and happier.

You can be quite objective about yourself now. This may allow you to make assessments of your appearance and personality with a new openness. You are also likely to be able to talk to others with greater comfort at this time. This can be a great time for you to present yourself to others in the best possible way. You can be radiant now, letting the love shine through you and making others feel welcome and appreciated by you. You may well be a pleasure to be with. You need to move fast and to think fast. It can be a great time to get a lot done. The key is not to overstimulate yourself and wind up having to do things all over again.

You can appear more aggressive mentally which can be used to make an impact and get projects rolling. You can be at your charming best right now. This is a good period to make a positive impression as you can combine sweetness and dynamic energy in one attractive package. Enjoy yourself and your relationships now by bringing some playfulness and creativity into them.

A significant personal encounter or confrontation occurs today. You cannot, and probably will not want to, be alone now. Listen to your mate or a friend who can enlighten you at this time. Also, consulting a professional for health, business, or personal reasons will be very constructive and fruitful now. Partnerships, marriage, and your close one-to-one relationships engage much of your attention now and you are called upon to cooperate and perhaps to relinquish some of your own personal interests for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit.

You will not wish to go it alone and will seek the companionship and counsel of others. If you are having difficulties in some area of your life, now is the time to seek the advice of a counselor or consultant, someone with an objective point of view. You may be very physically active now. If you are not it is likely that circumstances will keep you moving anyway. This is a good time to be busy, to take on new personal projects.

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You can also come across with greater forcefulness at this time. Communication and negotiations regarding joint finances, shared assets and investments, and property or anything else you own in common with another person, are likely now. It is a good time to get such affairs in order. Discussions about death are also likely to arise, both over legalities wills, inheritances, and so on , and the more emotional, personal aspects of it.

Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at this time, and conflicts over power and dominance may erupt. Disputes in your marriage or other close partnerships are likely. On the other hand, you may begin a relationship now, boldly taking the initiative to pursue someone you want to be with. You will come on strong to this person, but he or she might just love it! At this time you are less willing to compromise or to overlook differences for the sake of harmony in your relationships and less willing to sacrifice your own needs and desires.

Any tensions which have been simmering in your marriage or other close associations are likely to boil over now. If you are of an argumentative nature, quarrels and confrontations will be more frequent. Positively, you are more inclined to initiate contact with someone that you wish to make a connection with, and you may begin a relationship at this time that will be very worthwhile, one in which you are the pursuer or active partner.

Financial or business affairs are favored at this time and you may meet a benefactor through friends or in a social atmosphere. You are likely to get both the financial backing and the emotional support you need to succeed. On a personal level, intimate relationships are intensified. Either you or your partner want a deeper union. On a personal level, there is a desire to intensify the level of intimacy and honesty in your closest relationships and to clear away anything which is impeding the deeper union you seek.

The exotic and unknown have much more appeal to you than the familiar. Also, sharing and comparing your spiritual, religious, or philosophical interests with a friend or loved one may open up a whole new dimension of your relationship. You will want to express your most favorable side to your mate or marriage partner. You are more apt to seek romantic and domestic security and encourage more cooperation and equality in the relationship.

You should be especially careful not to let your mate take advantage of your good nature and sensitivity. If at the present time you are unmarried or unattached, this period may bring a new love relationship which has a sense of commitment and devotion from the very start or provides you with new views on marriage and relationships.

You are comfortable and at ease in displaying your creativity and skills in career endeavors and one-on-one relationships. New and inspiring experiences bring you greater understanding and awareness of all that you can offer to the world. Other people can sense that your desires and ideas are based on fairness and equality, and they offer you opportunities to express yourself.

Healing techniques that enhance the mind and the physical body are favorable. You enjoy pleasant and relaxing surroundings, and your relationships are cooperative and rewarding to you. You may be concerned over your ability to take care of your family or career responsibilities. You feel you are being tested as to whether or not you can effectively manage your authority and status in these areas. This will personally make you feel less secure or unloved during this unsettling, yet brief, period. One area you should not neglect is your own physical and emotional health.

Find time to pamper yourself and take a break from the daily pressures you experience now. Disputes over shared resources, joint finances, or anything which you hold in common with another are more likely now, and you are prone to impulsiveness and recklessness regarding such matters. Also, fights over money may only be symbolic of other, deeper conflicts between you and your mate or business partner, such as questions of personal power and control in the relationship.

Your desires and passions are stirred up now as well and this can be a time of a sexual and emotional renaissance in an intimate relationship. This is a time to lift yourself out of your usual mundane concerns in order to get a larger perspective on your life. You seek new vistas and broader horizons through traveling, studying, or reading about foreign cultures or by seeking out people with greater experience, insight, and knowledge than your own. A teacher or mentor may be particularly important to you now. Your career, social standing, or reputation is favored at this time, especially by making personal contact with superiors or by socializing and making friendly contacts at work.

You may make a good friend or meet someone beautiful and charming through your work. Now is also a good time to enhance your public standing and to create good will with the public. Someone is likely to offer you a very promising opportunity at this time, or you may have an offer for someone else that you think will be mutually beneficial. Because there are risks involved, it is impossible to know whether the offer will work out well, and you consequently are likely to feel uncertain what to do. In truth, there is definitely the potential for opening up new avenues for success and fulfillment, but there is also a tendency to overshoot the mark due to overoptimism and a willingness to gamble and speculate.

The best course is usually to proceed with some kind of plan, but to thoroughly investigate all details as much as possible and to avoid wild speculation. Opportunities for advancement in your profession or for achieving some important goal or aspiration are likely at this time. If you have been working diligently, this is a time of public recognition for your efforts and an enhanced reputation. This is a good time to make such changes. You have more trust and faith that you can accomplish your dreams. This is a good time to plan or take a journey to a distant land.

Travel and exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking about the world interest you now. You may meet and learn from someone from another culture or with vastly different beliefs and experiences than your own. Philosophical discussions or studies are also on the agenda. Meeting with people who share common ideals or purposes, either on a professional or personal level, will be very successful now. You have a friendly, cooperative attitude that will help such gatherings flow smoothly. You need and want to socialize now. Parties or other gala events are favored. Getting together with a group of friends to play music or sing would be very satisfying.

Your career, reputation, role in the community, and contribution to the world are very important to you at this time, and you can make significant gains regarding your ambitions. This is an excellent time to ask for a promotion, or to engage the support of those in positions of higher authority. Career planning strategies or thinking of concrete ways to make your dreams into realities as well as sharing your thoughts on these matters with a few significant others should be very fruitful now.

It is a good time to communicate with someone in a position to help you achieve your aspirations. If you have a zealous or fanatical streak, this will come to the forefront now. You are eager to defend your convictions or fight for a cause you believe in. You may encounter others who are aggressively promoting their philosophy, as well. Also, the desire for action and adventure may impel you to travel or to undertake an enterprise that is physically or mentally challenging, and possibly dangerous.

You need stimulation right now. It is a time when a new look, new people and new interests are favored. If others try to pin you down, you may find that you resent their pressure. Be spontaneous and give yourself time and space to find out what you need in relationships. You are not likely to be very gregarious or sociable now, and you may feel that you cannot be openly affectionate with someone you care about.

You may have romantic yearnings for someone that is unavailable to you, and great discretion regarding this relationship may be called for. On the other hand, a friend or loved one may need you very much. You could be called upon to give to or care for them without getting much personal enjoyment or pleasure at the moment, except through serving them in an unselfish way.

If you belong to any club or organization, you are likely to be involved in group discussions, planning sessions, or committees at this time. You will want to socialize and talk with people you share common interests and ideals with. At this time, you guard against any attacks on your personal views and beliefs. You may sense or perceive that a partner or associate will challenge your opinions and are quite prepared to defend or justify your objectives. If you must engage yourself in conflicts now, then use tact and diplomacy when dealing with other individuals.

The key is to use constructive and rational thinking and be less afraid of rejection and disapproval of your intentions. Uphold and preserve any agreements or contracts that you have previously made with other people. It may be best to keep your creative plans and thoughts to yourself. Involvement in clubs, social organizations, or any other group to which you belong is likely to be a focus at this time. You may be asked to take responsibility or even a leadership role or to contribute and participate more fully than you have in the past.

You will enjoy being part of a team or group effort now. Being part of a community or circle of friends and building your social network is important to you at this time. This time can be spent sharing and participating in family activities or in pursuing creative endeavors. You feel a bit more energy and vitality in your domestic relationships. This may be because you give them with your undivided attention and show concern for the interests of others. You want everyone in your family circle to reap the benefits of good health, sound nutrition, and security.

It is easier for you to take care of others now and provide them with assurance of your reliability. This is an excellent time for involvement with children, as they sense your confidence and therefore feel more secure and protected in your care. You could be feeling a little nervous now, even a little weird. This is a good time for quiet study and inward reflection. Your intuition and sensitivity to the hidden, behind the scenes aspects of a situation are operating strongly now.

However, you are less inclined to speak your mind or take a definite stand on important matters. A wait-and-see attitude is likely to characterize this time period. At this time you come across in an appealing, charming, openly affectionate manner which is likely to win you new friends and admirers. You make an excellent first impression now. This is a very favorable time for doing something to enhance your appearance such as getting a hair cut or purchasing new clothing. Your desire for harmony, beauty, and gracious surroundings is stronger than usual and you avoid unpleasantness as much as possible.

At this time, pleasure and affection are more important to you than work, and you may be rather lazy, but pleasantly and cheerfully so. You can be very excitable at this time. Others may find you stimulating, but you may not be very calm or restful for them to be around. You need your space and will probably find that you need movement now even more than you need closeness or tenderness.

You are strongly motivated to achieve your professional goals and get personal recognition for your efforts, and competitive energies run high. Ego conflicts, especially with those in authority or who have some bearing on your career life, may arise. Try to control or temper your ambition with consideration for others.

Your urge to act and to do is so strong that you are prone to rush and to try to force your will in situations where waiting may be more appropriate. You can create an air of magic around you now.

Finding Your Moon and Rising Signs

You have the ability to make yourself appear as others would like to see you. This can bring people to you, but they may not see you as you really are. A certain amount of illusion in a relationship can be pleasurable, but it may also be disappointing when the glow wears off. Retreating from the world for awhile and spending some quiet time alone to relax and rejuvenate appeals strongly to you now. Competitive ambitions and ego drives are on hold now. Relationships with others are harmonious and stable now. Someone older than yourself, more experienced, or in a position of authority is likely to assist you now in the things that are important to you.

Government agencies and businesses also respond positively to issues and ideas that concern you. This is a good time for any communications with authorities or persons of social prominence. You are feeling confident and the serious-mindedness and maturity of your communications is appreciated by others. You have a greater rapport with others now, especially on issues that deeply concern you.

Others seem less superficial and irresponsible to you, and you feel greater respect for them. This is a time of greater involvement in political or social movements and groups which are organized around a common cause or ideal. Commitments and loyalties to your friends and your community may impel you to get involved in a more concrete way, perhaps taking on more responsibilities than you have in the past. At the same time, you feel less sociable than usual and avoid groups or occasions to get together with people if you think that there is no real purpose in it.

Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more. For those of you born with your Ascendant or Sun in the second ten degrees of Aries 10 to 20 degrees Aries , this is your daily horoscope guide to the month ahead. You have good energy for doing hard work, paying attention to obligations and staying focused on the tasks before you.

However, this may not be the most fun time and you could feel that life is bringing you more pressure than pleasure these days. Take it slow, accomplish what you can, and stay in integrity in your relationships with others. This is a good time to seek out the personal viewpoint and advice of your mate, business associates or those in the counseling or legal fields.

In fact, these individuals can provide you with insight into the most effective strategies for negotiating your goals and directions. There can be debates, informative discussions, and a great deal of mental stimulation in your interactions with others. On the negative side, you may experience a struggle between relating intimately with others versus maintaining idealistic or impersonal attachments. Events during this period lead you to be more aware of your need to compromise and to remain objective in your closest relationships.

You can be feeling a little itchy and nervous, not like your usual self. This is a time when you may be tired of the way you look. So use this time to change your appearance and your image and take some risks in how you present yourself to others. You may find that relationships are not very well grounded at this time, but this can also make the space for exciting people and exciting changes to enter into your life.

For those of you born with your Ascendant or Sun in the third decanate of Aries 20 to 30 degrees Aries , this is your daily horoscope guide to the month ahead. Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time. You feel like others do not really understand you and do not cooperate with you, and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself.

Weak points in your relationships to others reveal themselves, and you find out that others often are not there to help you when you need them most. Those few people that you do feel in rapport with now become even more important to you and become even closer friends. You are likely to make an important change at this time. Many of your habits may no longer feel appropriate. You may change your manner of dress, hair style, or other aspect of your appearance. You want others to think of you differently, and these changes can be effective in helping you better express your current feelings and interests.

Your personality and attitude towards life undergoes some changes now. If you are experiencing a lot of frustration now, you may assume a negative stance towards life — pessimistic and less enthusiastic, and you may feel that bad luck has befallen you. If this happens, try to realize that the world is not against you, that you are the maker of your own destiny, and be strong enough to make positive changes in your attitudes.

This is a time of culmination, completion, and fruition, as well as greater demands, responsibilities, and recognition in your profession. You begin to reap the just rewards for the course you have been following the past few years, so this may be either a period of success and achievement or one in which you must face the failure of your endeavors. If you have been acting with integrity and building on a firm foundation, you are likely to come into prominence in some way but, if not, this can be a period of severe chastisement and defeat.

During this time you can make a strong statement to the world about who you are and your presence has a more noticeable effect upon the people in your environment. If you want to make an impression on others, now is a fine time to do so. People recognize you and are likely to follow your lead, or at least they stay out of your way more readily than usual. You are likely to feel more confident and vital now. However, you may be so preoccupied with yourself and your own desires that you unintentionally ignore other people and their needs.

At this time, you communicate more directly and forcefully, and you are prone to be rather abrasive. At this time you are able to be very clear and aboveboard with other people, bringing out your desires and differences between yourself and others in a way that is unlikely to offend or stir up hostility. Because you appear confident, others are inclined to follow your lead now.

At this time you are likely to speak out and let your voice be heard on matters you have been considering or mulling over for some time. You are keen and alert, and you express yourself well. Sales, teaching, public speaking, negotiating, or any endeavor that involves giving information to others is favored now. You are clear, articulate, and communicative at this time. You can be sensitive and compassionate right now. You need, however, to remember your boundaries so that you are not worn out by others.

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity: Career, Reputation, Status, Responsibilities

This is, however, a good time for imagination and for playing roles and exploring ways to best present yourself. Your personal energy and effort may be focused on your work during this period. You might labor intensely on projects and assignments that are important to you. Since your attention is mostly aimed at fulfilling your own needs and ideas, you may inadvertently cause some discord and unfriendliness in your personal life. It is essential to balance your strong commitment to work with your loyalty to the intimate and long-standing relationships in your life.

Although you may resist interference from others, you will achieve greater satisfaction and accomplish more work if you have the support and concern of your loved ones. You can take on a different attitude with each person you are with now. This can imply a certain feeling of intimacy which may not really be there. You are capable of sliding around difficult issues now by couching them in terms which mask the seriousness of the situation. Clarifying and defining your philosophy of life is an important process in your life now.

This may be a time when your faith is tested, and you come to see what you truly believe. By the time this cycle is over, you are likely to have come to some definite, firm conclusions about the big questions of life. This is also a good time to begin a formal, disciplined course of study, and you are interested in wisdom or Truth more than mere knowledge. There is a possibility that your mate or marriage partner will be in disagreement with you over a certain matter in the relationship.

Since you are more likely to take everything personally during this phase, you may feel that your companion is being unjust and placing all the blame upon you.

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If you live together, there might be pressures and tension in your home life, producing more conflict than togetherness. Your spouse or mate may be critical of your appearance, viewpoints or behavior, leading you to feel uncomfortable in expressing your true desires. You may have to rely upon yourself, and not your partner, to fulfill your personal needs. This is a good time for you. Your ability to express yourself confidently and openly wins you the respect and admiration of others. You can promote ideas and plans that you believe strongly in and, surprisingly, others do not resist you now.

They quietly accept your proposals and ideas, and even provide some support. This is an excellent time to influence a government agency or organization, to start a business, or make a career change. Legal matters of any kind work out fortunately now. If you are considering joining forces and pooling your resources with someone else, now is a fine time to do so.

On an inner level, this is likely to be a time of psychological and emotional rejuvenation, healing, and positive change. It is easier for you to eliminate old conditioning or negative patterns. Whatever leaves your life now is paving the way for something much better.

You really want to focus on essentials now and may not have the time or the patience for fooling around with people. You may be feeling some pressure in relationships so this might be a good time to deal with some unfinished business with others. During this time period you reach a critical point in your life and relationships. You want greater intensity and intimacy in your relationships, and you are also inclined to have power struggles with others.

You want closeness but you do not want to be dominated or restricted by the other person. You may even try to manipulate others, and secretly take advantage of their weaknesses. In short, a number of conflicting emotions and attitudes arise: you want closeness and intimacy but you do not want to be obligated and restricted by another person; you want fairness in relationships but you can be very unfair yourself, being manipulative or domineering towards others! Try to be honest with yourself. This is a time when many conflicting emotions arise but you need to gain control of your life, and make a firm decision about how to steer your life.

If properly handled, this can be a time when you overcome emotional blocks that stem from your childhood and early life, and gain a new, reformed, positive attitude towards life.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

This is a time when the big questions of life occupy your attention and you may be drawn to study philosophy, religion, metaphysics, or other areas which open up new worlds for you. Mind-expanding studies or travel are likely, and foreign cultures have a strong appeal to you now. A pilgrimage or journey may be on the agenda. Back to Ascendant Sign Horoscopes Main. Articles: Learn Astrology. Love Sign Compatibility. Recommended Astrology Books. Future Forecast Report. All About Aries Aries Ascendant.

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Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Cafe Astrology. May 6, May 6, to May 21, Mer 2nd H. May 14, May 14, to May 16, Moo 7th H. May 15, May 14, to Jun 8, Ven 2nd H. May 15, May 14, to Jul 1, Mar 4th H. May 15, May 14, to May 17, Mar Sqr Asc Irritations, conflicts with the people you relate to on a daily basis, and a generalized feeling of impatience or edginess characterize this period.

May 16, May 16, to May 16, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. May 16, May 16, to May 18, Moo 8th H. May 18, May 18, to May 18, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. May 18, May 18, to May 21, Moo 9th H. May 21, May 20, to May 23, Moo 10th H. May 21, May 21, to May 22, Sun Sxtil Asc This is a time for being with people and especially giving something of yourself and your talents to others.

May 21, May 20, to Jun 21, Sun 3rd H. May 21, May 20, to Jun 4, Mer 3rd H. This is a good time to take a field trip or to travel for business purposes. May 23, May 23, to May 23, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. May 23, May 22, to May 26, Moo 11th H. May 26, May 25, to May 28, Moo 12th H. May 28, May 28, to May 30, Moo 1st H. May 31, May 30, to Jun 2, Moo 2nd H. Jun 2, Jun 2, to Jun 2, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

Jun 2, Jun 1, to Jun 4, Moo 3rd H. Jun 4, Jun 3, to Jun 6, Moo 4th H. Jun 4, Jun 3, to Jun 26, Mer 4th H. Jun 6, Jun 6, to Jun 6, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Jun 6, Jun 5, to Jun 8, Moo 5th H. Jun 8, Jun 8, to Jun 8, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jun 8, Jun 7, to Jun 10, Moo 6th H. Jun 8, Jun 7, to Jul 3, Ven 3rd H.

Jun 10, Jun 10, to Jun 10, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs. Jun 10, Jun 9, to Jun 12, Moo 7th H. Jun 12, Jun 12, to Jun 12, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jun 12, Jun 11, to Jun 15, Moo 8th H. Jun 15, Jun 15, to Jun 15, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now.

Jun 15, Jun 15, to Jun 17, Moo 9th H. Jun 17, Jun 17, to Jun 19, Moo 10th H. Jun 19, Jun 19, to Jun 19, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Jun 19, Jun 19, to Jun 22, Moo 11th H.

Jun 20, Jun 18, to Jun 22, Jun Trine Asc You receive greater satisfaction from spending time with your marriage partner or mate. Jun 21, Jun 20, to Jun 22, Sun Sqr Asc You may feel out of step with the people in your immediate environment now, not in harmony with the intentions and desires of those you work or live with. Jun 21, Jun 20, to Jul 22, Sun 4th H. Jun 22, Jun 21, to Jun 24, Moo 12th H.

Jun 24, Jun 23, to Jun 27, Moo 1st H. Jun 26, Jun 25, to Jul 19, Mer 5th H. Jun 27, Jun 27, to Jun 29, Moo 2nd H. Jun 29, Jun 29, to Jun 29, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Jun 29, Jun 29, to Jul 1, Moo 3rd H.

Jul 1, Jun 30, to Jul 3, Mar Trine Asc At this time it is easy for you to express yourself boldly and confidently. Jul 1, Jun 30, to Aug 18, Mar 5th H. Jul 1, Jul 1, to Jul 3, Moo 4th H. Jul 3, Jul 2, to Jul 4, Ven Sqr Asc You are a peacemaker now since harmony in your environment seems more important than ever. Jul 3, Jul 2, to Jul 27, Ven 4th H. Jul 3, Jul 3, to Jul 3, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Jul 3, Jul 3, to Jul 5, Moo 5th H.

Jul 5, Jul 5, to Jul 5, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jul 5, Jul 5, to Jul 8, Moo 6th H. Jul 8, Jul 8, to Jul 8, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs. Jul 8, Jul 7, to Jul 10, Moo 7th H. Jul 10, Jul 10, to Jul 10, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jul 10, Jul 9, to Jul 12, Moo 8th H.

Jul 12, Jul 12, to Jul 12, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Jul 12, Jul 11, to Jul 14, Moo 9th H. Jul 14, Jul 13, to Jul 17, Moo 10th H. Jul 17, Jul 17, to Jul 17, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Jul 17, Jul 17, to Jul 19, Moo 11th H. Jul 19, Jul 19, to Aug 11, Mer 4th H.

You may need to return to projects you thought were complete. The year brings fabulous energy for both work and exploration, dear Aries. On the one hand, you have heavyweight planets pushing you to perform and accomplish this year and much of the next. It can be a time of quite a bit of hard work and recognition.

Changes are necessary in the process, and while you can feel overtaxed and possibly pressured at times, these are improvements that will benefit you for years to come! On the other hand, you have Jupiter encouraging you to explore, discover, and enjoy life to its fullest. This means stepping out of the office or out of your comfort zone from time to time and making the most of your time away.

Adventure, travel, and learning may be on the agenda now, and these can be immensely satisfying. Still another strong force this year is about your home and family or personal life. How will you manage all of these things? Uranus was in Aries since , pushing you to find yourself and assert your independence. Uranus moves into your resources sector and will stay there all the way until , and you now begin a phase in which you treat your money, business, and possessions quite differently.

It can be a time of some upheaval and unpredictability, but also innovation and progress with these matters. Changes in these areas can free yourself up for an opportunity period with your work and health from the end of August through September. Whether money means freedom to you or freedom is about detachment from certain possessions, this is a time of an evolving relationship with your material affairs. The year can be an active and satisfying period for publishing, sharing your ideas, and learning new skills that will boost the upcoming career boon, starting in December and running through most of Uranus comes to the end of its approximately 7-year transit of your sign, dear Aries, and moves on permanently in March , although you had a taste of this from May to November Independence tends to trump other drives in most areas of your life, including relationships!

Relationships may be a little unstable as a result, but this theme is now coming to an end, once and for all. Aries natives are likely to enjoy more stability. Uranus is no longer putting pressure on you to carve your own path. For many of you, relationships have been regaining some of their magic after some years of a bit of disappointment. Intimate matters improved. For those of you with Pluto challenging your Sun those born April and those with an Aries Ascendant between Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do. Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day.

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