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Married fellows trying to conceive a baby since long may have the cosmic support, this week. You will remain concerned about the domestic matters. Planets show that some repairing work will be required in your house on the urgent basis. Good for the business folks as you will be in strong position, with a steady growth. No major expenses are foreseen which may trouble you in planning out the finance. On a good note, chances are there of making a very good savings. This happens due to retrogression of planet linked with love and relationship Venus.

Ganesha suggests you not to get trapped in any kind of stretched conversation. Just be silent if possible and let the time do its healing. Students pursuing graduation will remain focused and progressive. Regarding health, you may face cough, cold, pain in joints and other minor health issues. The ruler of your Sign Mars is now moving through your 4th House. It has a direct aspect over your 10th House of karma and profession.

This will have an energetic effect on the zone of your home and heart as well as work matters. Mars will also reveal newer career avenues for you, giving you a chance to earn handsomely. Moon now connects with Saturn, moving through your 3rd House. Be careful, while dealing with your siblings and cousins. A little tiff with a neighbor may leave you thinking about it for long. Keep a tactful approach, as Saturn also asks you to tread carefully. Business persons may face hurdles, during short term travel. Plan well and ahead — if you are travelling for work or social reasons, says Ganesha.

Work, otherwise, keeps you busy. If you are studying in the side, heavy work pressure may not give you time to study, this week. Some discontent in your family may put you in discomfort, this week. You need to handle this situation tactfully, says Ganesha. Professionals and business persons must remain attentive about receivables, if any.

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Keep a regular follow up with your clients, associates or vendors — to ensure there the inflow is regular and in top shape, or else there may be losses. Short term travel is likely at this time — and it may, most probably, be for work. Still, what is the harm in mixing business with pleasure?

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Just ensure you watch your pockets, as over-expenditure is a distinct possibility. Keep a close eye on your luggage and bearings, and stay ready to handle trifle blocks — that you may encounter. Someone from your past may re-appear — increasing your heart-beat by notches.

Your happiness may know no bounds, as a result! Expecting long-term from this may not be practical, though. Married ones enjoy a peaceful week. Students may face distractions. Combination of Moon and Saturn moving through your Sign, when the week begins, may fill your mind with strategies, work and success related agendas.

You will now wish to push ahead your prospects. Benevolent Jupiter and crafty Mercury move through your 11th House — and this may work well in precipitating encouraging monetary gains. However, retrograde Venus traversing there in 11th House may dampen the positive blessings of the benefics. Some disturbance in family may need your attention.

Be available, and handle carefully and tactfully, says Ganesha. Now is a good time for business persons and professionals to go for short-term travel. The results will be gainful, and you may manage to rope in valuable customers or new clients. However, you must tread ahead cautiously, while dealing with new people. Ones eager to conceive a child will be favored by the benevolent Jupiter. Health must remain your top priority this week, Take time to work on your strength and fitness.

Cut stress and bad food. There seems a possibility of your incurring a major expense, which may make you dig into your savings. Union of strong Saturn and Moon in the 12th House seems to be the culprit, behind this.

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This may, however, be also related to a fruitless pursuit or wasted effort. Mars moving through your Sign will keep you energized, pushing you to remain active and affirmative.

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You may remain desirous of getting right exposure to showcase your talent and inherent ability — albeit without much result. Things will soon turn into your favour, and you will get the right exposure.

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Professionally, some may get an opportunity to strike profitable deals. However, retrograde Venus and Saturn, in your 12th House, may lead to delays and missed opportunities. So, be careful! You may keen to connect with high-worth clients or influential people to enhance your network and prospects, when the week begins. Travel is on the menu, and so is hobnobbing with the right gentry. However, Mars and Ketu, moving through your 12th House may not make this easy for you.

Mars naturally rules your 2nd House. With it moving through the 12th zone, you must stay guarded against extra expenses or even financial losses. On the relationship front, you may have been feeling quite detached or mellow. But, look within, as this may also be due to your own negative attitude.

Count your blessings, and do not belittle the efforts of your beloved. Ones studying may hit a roadblock — which may also prompt them to change their subjects. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship. Watch the video to know more. They are clever and romantic. Besides, these people have great imaginative and communication skills, which makes them unbeatable in the charm department.

It is no wonder that many of them progress to great heights in creative fields. These people are also in love with the idea of being in love, and always want to be surrounded by beautiful things. They work especially hard to achieve balance and equality with their life partner.

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    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 20

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