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Couple of nice Solar selfies of that big Sunspot. Flairs just mess up Earthly communications; CMEs are far heavier. They are capable of knocking out the electrical Power Grid for months or even years, if a big one hits while the Grid is running. Using three degrees of Sensitivity. In the picture , the five-pointed Star is pointing straight up — astrologically. It moves counterclockwise. Having five points or peaks, the Star will point Straight Up five times a day. In between, though, a different peak will point Straight Down — opposite the arrowhead.

So the Star will point Straight Up every 4 hours and 48 minutes one fifth of a day , and it will point Straight Down every 4 hours and 48 minutes. It will take 2 hours and 24 minutes one tenth of a day to switch from Straight Up to Straight Down. Then it would point Straight Down at am, am, am, pm, and pm. It would point Straight Up at at am, am, pm, pm, and pm. Check my math! So we could take our Ascending Hours — in the example, am, am, pm, pm, and pm — and devote them to matters of Ascension: such as….

And we could take our Devolving Hours — in the example am, am, am, pm, and pm — and dedicate them to matters of Devolution:. Now, think about those distinctions, the differences between the items in the first list and the items in the second list. Can you see an obvious distinction, or do they keep flipping back and forth? Duality is never more than an intellectual exercise.

The Inverse Pentacle has a reputation for Black Magic. You might uncover some parts of yourself that still believe in Original Sin rather than Original Blessing. You might realize that Morality is a Duality. It could be a very productive Hour. When discomfort confronts you, call time out, look inside, and inquire from whence the discomfort springs. Many people are locking in to their Cultural Unconscious and the Planetary Unconscious instead of their Personal Unconscious.

Take a step backwards. Bring your Attention back to YourSelf. You feel dedicated to the Archetype, it stands in for your Mission. If you want to improve the Planet you Live on, you need to embark on that Journey, because the Archetype is not going to Change. Trying to Change the Culture from within the Archetype is not possible, because your Resistance to the Present Moment solidifies the Archetype furthur.

The keyword here is selfish. Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of the World, ask yourself what would please you right now? Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of yourSelf, embrace yourself the way you are. It means you need to sit with yourself long enough to be able to be completely Loving with yourself right where you are. The various line segments in a Five-Pointed Star are all related to one another by Phi, the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry; each segment in turn is 1.

Phi is a Fifth-Harmonic animal, defined as one divided by one half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five]. One half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five] is equal to approximately 1. One divided by that number is 0. It symbolizes Completion. After that, we set Seed. The Golden Angle is not arbitrary; it appears everywhere in biology.

The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching; the bottom line is that the ultimate relationship between Spirit and Matter is not something that can be understood through Duality — Learning this relationship is an infinite task. Oh no! Another Learning Opportunity! A Grand Quintile is formed by five planets equally spaced around the Zodiac. So we need to be watchful for things that Hurt, especially Hurtful things that Other people say to us, and consider them carefully for any shred of validity. It also means that the Station, and the several days thereafter. So we will need to pass through some Ego Death to take advantage of this very promising Big Learning Opportunity.

While any embrace of those Feelings that we can muster will Change our Life profoundly, we can make it easier on ourselves by focusing on Expanding our Fantasy about how the Future could unfold. Using our Fantasies to bring our Unconscious Negative Beliefs into Consciousness is a powerful technique, but not what we recommend right now. In this particular Mercury-Stationary Portal, Potential for the Unimagined is rich, so we will gain by stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically. Heulandite heals hesitation to speak our Truth.

Not surprising, Trickster and Magician that he is. Mercury symbolizes the First Harmonic, hence ruling Initiation. So we go nowhere without his approval. His return from his Retrograde journey is heralded by four parts of a Grand Quintile, forming a cauldron securely capped by a Septile Bridge! Five Quintile Yods create a Grand Quintile. When one point of the Grand Quintile is missing, three of the five Q-Yods are absent. Unconscious obsession with these Conflicts absorb our Attention and prevent Timely Action that would yield Miracles. This Configuration holds the promise of dissolving these Conflicts.

Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, but through misdirected Curiosity, Psyche wounds Cupid and he flies away. Wandering in search of Cupid, Psyche falls under the Power — and wrath — of Venus. Persephone and Psyche have met before. Now the thick plottens. Psyche usurped the blessing, it backfired, and she had to be rescued by a now-healed Cupid. Stationary Mercury Trines Stationary Neptune. We can summarize all these complex Shakespearean relationships simply with….

Our first Big Deal, the 2. He also talks a bit about how astrology and Human psychology interact to keep us out of the Present Moment and hence out of our Power. Astrological events usually rise to a peak and then fade quickly.

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First, the event can take place very near the Initiation of an astrological Cycle, and hence color the entire Cycle. Initiations are normally Conjunctions, but there are more subtle Cycles begun at other points as well, particularly Oppositions like the Full Moon. That can blow up a lot of Projections and Introjections. This Full Moon is a Virgo-Pisces Opposition, where we get to differentiate between old memories that need to be Blessed and sent on their way, and old actions for which we need to make Amends. So the impact of the two Big Deals may linger because they embrace this Full Moon.

I see Jupiter as a Savior and represents the protection I have always enjoyed. I always felt like baby Huey. You know…hes waddling down the sidewalk as a Safe falls out the window , missing him by inches. I studied with Tibetan teachers for a Master in Art…their hereditary Thanga painting. This was only available to non Tibetans for a short time.

I studied with them a year. I saw the past life where I learned embroidery and painting. It was in northern China and I was very isolated in the Mt. Later when the doors first opened to China a visiting painter did a painting of me in my Horse Dance dress and he said my regalia looked just like those minorities in Northern China and that he would show this portrait to them.

All these past life memories in different parts of the world and in many Tribes all over the Americas makes me feel like a World citizen indeed, sex and age becomes irrelevant. This is a two way street, so I have helped others as well. I love Uranian trouble-makers and envelope-pushers. Does this also apply to Venus quintile Saturn? Your description fits me. What a surprise to find out this represents genius in the related areas! No astrology student or astrologer who has looked at my chart mention them to me, so I ignored them, too. What about biquintiles? So yay for the quintile.

By: Jara on January 9, at pm. Thanks for the cut and paste. By: Donna Cunningham on January 10, at am. I wanted to add something about my Venus-Saturn quintile. My Venus is in the 7th house and Saturn is in the 9th house. I think this has something to do with how I easily attract information. This happened to me the other day. I have two quintiles. Could someone explain? By: Donna Cunningham on February 19, at am. Thanks for answering! Would that mean that my talents are in the field of career and how I present myself? Quintiles are quintiles, regardless.

This series of articles is meant to stimulate readers to try to interpret the aspect on their own. So, make a list for yourself of the characteristics and abilities of a Jupiterian type of person similar to Sagittarius and then consider how those qualities could benefit your career. No matter, I will try…. I resonate with the energy of the wounded healer Chiron in Aries. It is through this process that I can bring healing to others, which in turn brings growth and healing to my own soul Chiron all day long. Anyway, this Pisces girl is having a very powerful Pluto on the SR Ascendant which forms the base of a kite!

Walking in Light…. Hey I have recently discovered quintiles they are very fascinating and there interpretations that i found on a site explains those aspects of my personality that i couldnt find in the basic astrology stuff. Leo bQ. My Asc,Pluto 1st house and Moon 12th house conj. And my Venus 10th house conj. By: Eva Poulsen on December 12, at am. By: Brigitte Bouthillier on January 25, at pm.

By: Donna Cunningham on January 25, at pm. Hello, Interesting. I found two in my chart. I also have Venus trining this conjunction from the 3rd house Scopio. So that strengthens it. Oh, and the 11th house is the house connected with Uranus, so the Moon-Uranus quintile is strengthened as well. By: Donna Cunningham on January 27, at pm.

How about quintiles with asteroids? Perhaps, Lilith brings in the feminine independence and Ceres brings nurturing. I was a very good supervisory encouraging staff all women to pay attention to development of consciousness as they continued to refine technical and political skills. By: Rebecca Carina on January 30, at pm. I chose airplane pilot as a career path. Although this has been very difficult for me, there are other aspects that makes this career likable to me.

I also have uranus trine midheaven, which leads to the unusual in many aspects, mainly in career. I suspect this happens not only because of the uranus trine midheaven, but also because I have a sun-mars conjunction in sagittarius. Very masculine aspects all together. Although, I have a very strong feminine side. If the quintile is related to talent, then can one of my quintiles be related to this? I have other 2 classmates who are musicians, 4 of them including myself lean towards interests in languages, some of them already have a career built.

Seems that pilots have some interesting charts. It would be nice if you studied us a little bit more! Is it something career-related? Interesting to know about your chart and how it fits into your career choice. The quincunx is an aspect of incongruity between the two planets. I have a couple of articles on quincunxes on this blog. Use the search engine at the top right hand column of the front page to find them. By: Donna Cunningham on July 8, at am.

Well, I have 8 quntiles. Interesting point, Stiliyan. Probably true, but it does play heck with objective research! Donna Cunningham.


By: Donna Cunningham on July 12, at am. By: r7carina on July 13, at pm. You must have skipped the discussion on quintiles that involve the Ascendant or Midheaven. The answer is yes. Orb degrees. By: Donna Cunningham on July 13, at pm. I lost track of the original post and my own earlier concerns about quintiles and asteroids. I re-calculated and jumped right in with my questions. Now I have read all to date. Born in Jan my generation has Uranus Q Pluto and look where we are these days — in a square! And what a mess to clean up. Some of that creativity went too far in my view! Also, Ceres 14 Sag may be involved since conjunct Mars or out of orb.

I love creating paintings that convey concepts. I was a human services systems planner by profession retired now and always challenged leaders and staff to look at the BIGGER picture. I love finding ways that multiple topics, experiences, objects, techniques, practices, etc. This is working for me at By: Rebecca Carina on July 14, at am. By: Mouni Rezgui on July 18, at am. The whole point of this post is for people to stretch their mind to understand their own quintile.


Smiley face Donna. By: Donna Cunningham on July 18, at pm. By: Mouni Rezgui on July 18, at pm. Well, think about it. The Midheaven has to do with your career and success. What would a quintile from Venus contribute to success? By: Mouni Rezgui on July 19, at pm. Right on target! Also, it would show people skills or personal appearance that would draw positive attention to your work. By: Donna Cunningham on July 19, at pm. By: Mouni Rezgui on July 20, at pm. Pluto and Uranus are conjunct on the midheaven, quintiling my Scorpio Ascendant.

That was all I wrote. It feels a little like bragging 2. Oh, shut up. If my reported birthtime is accurate, and I believe it is , this aspect is exact to the degree and minute. I recently struck up a friendship with a woman artist. She paints clam shells gathered on the beach and sells them at a local fair. She went on Facebook not too long ago asking friends to please help her by gathering clam shells. The other day I was at a beach and they were everywhere. I was so excited that I drove to her town and messaged her.

She and a friend were at a bar, and I agreed to meet them there. Had one beer, then triumphantly announced I had something for her. Got the bag from my car, showed her what was inside, then placed it in her car, which, I then discovered, was FAR newer and nicer than mine. Had a second beer.


During the course of the conversation, it was revealed that she lived in a nice apartment by herself, I was sure she had said she lived with a roommate. When it came time to pay the bill, she pulled out a stack of twenties that must have been at least a half inch think and slowly riffled through them right next to me.

I had been duped by a professional with a sob story.

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The photos of beautifully painted shells posted to Facebook, the group art classes she leads — I had placed a narrative alongside them. I might have done the same thing had I known the truth, but I probably would have hinted that it would be nice if someone were to pay for at least one of my drinks. The feeling of darts through my heart as she riffled through her money was also sincere.

Why did she do that? But why was it necessary? I am aware, to some extent, that I set up situations where people reveal themselves to me. And, truth-be-told, although we had friended each other on Facebook, this was only the second time I had seen her in person. I was not emotionally invested in the relationship. I have a circle of friends whom I trust implicitly. I know their strengths, and I know their weaknesses. I know what to expect from them, and I know what not to expect. By: Charles Smith on July 24, at am.

Thanks for sharing so much of the story, Charles. I wonder whether, with all those gifts to choose from, it gets to be hard to know which ones to choose to work with. As for experience with that deceitful woman, it feels yuckkie in the solar plexus, but you got her the shells out of a genuine desire to boost her career to the next level. Kind of a loss of innocence. I know the feeling—from time to time, people make up to me and appear to be genuinely interested in me in a person, and I am naive enough to be shocked when I discover they are just using me to boost their own careers.

By: Donna Cunningham on July 24, at pm. Thanks to you — you introduced me to Flower Essences some decades ago. Interestingly, every time I tested for it in the past, it was always a negative. Since the Cardinal Grand Cross I would say? By: Charles Smith on July 24, at pm. Hi Donna, Do you have any suggestions for interpreting quintiles in synastry? I would love to know your thoughts. It seems like quite a stretch…. By: Donna Cunningham on July 26, at pm.

Get this, my Jupiter is the apex of one yod and the foot of two other yods. Its involved with three yods all very tight orbs. Its also quintile to my sun. There are four quintiles and three biquintiles in my chart. Is there a name for that type of relationship? I mean Jupiter forms sextiles on either side and quincunxes both ways. The sextiles with Jupiter form other yods.

By: Jeff Holloway on August 4, at pm. I recommend Wild Oat, a Bach Flower remedy available in most health food or new age stores. Jupiter sounds like what I call the Alpha Dog planet.

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Take the Planetary Strength tests under the tab on the front page here. By: Donna Cunningham on August 5, at am. Together they form 4 Quintile Triangles. Two of the triangles consist of 2 Quintiles and 1 biQuintile, and the other 2 triangles consist of two biQuintiles and 1 Quintile. Each of the 4 planets is the apex of one of the four triangles. The 4 triangles overlap perfectly to form a basket pattern like a 5 pointed star with one point missing. The orbs are very tight. Does anyone have any insight? You might gain a lot from a session dedicated to those aspect, a consultation with an astrologer, but quiz them beforehand as to whether they actually understand quintiles.

I am retired. Just one sample interpretation. By: Donna Cunningham on August 7, at am. Thank you Donna for your quick reply. I am looking for an astrologer knowledgeable and passionate about quintiles. I have an email out to someone right now that hopefully will fit the bill. I only noticed this pattern in the last month, so of course it has my attention!

Good thinking, DV. By: Donna Cunningham on August 7, at pm. Hi Donna; Years ago an astrologer told me that age 72 was going to be a good year since all solar arc planets would be quintiling the natal planets. Fast forward and I am on approach now. Can you comment on how this might manifest. Thanks, Madeline. I so hope your astrologer was correct, as I also am 72 now and have several book projects on my To Do list that are a way of harvesting and preserving tons of past magazine articles that have never been published in book form.

You might take a look at similar ways of harvesting areas of accomplishment that have been your heart and soul over the years. What about you? What are your natal quintiles, and where are you in terms of actualizing them? Regards, a very psyched Donna Cunningham.

By: Donna Cunningham on August 29, at am. Donna: Thanks for the speedy reply. I lost my astrologer to an illness and feel adrift with no one to discuss in-depth implications. Do you still do readings? If not, can you recommend someone who can read way beyond a mundane level? Have a look. See what I mean about time to think this through.

That one just came in the shower. I have only one quintile venus in taurus, 4th quintile chiron leo, 7th —-healing in relationships? By: narina on October 25, at am. A healer who knows how to be loving with their clients? A compassionate person who is able to relate lovingly to someone who is different or who has some limitations. By: Donna Cunningham on October 25, at am. Thank you Donna! But about healing, I recently started to delve into midpoints- and chiron is touching almost every important midpoint, making 13 aspects!

So I am thinking- there is a lot of wounding present in the self- and for cure others, I must change and heal my own self- as egoistic as it may sound. By: narina on November 4, at am. Interesting point about your Chiron Midpoints, Narina. In the early days, I worked a good bit with midpoints, but not for about 30 years now. One major astrologer who works with Midpoints is Gary Christianson.

By: Donna Cunningham on November 4, at am. By: narina on November 5, at am. By: tylerhebert on November 22, at am. It can give you the gift of what I call manifestation mojo. By: Donna Cunningham on November 22, at am. Hi, very interesting article, thanks! Mars leo 9th Q Vesta in the 11th. Lastly, I have Jupiter Q Orcus. I know the last few are asteroids, but I figure they count in some way. I find it interesting that my Saturn is Q three times.

Any thoughts on that? Scorpio Uranus rising. Virgo sun in the Tenth. Zero degree aries moon in the 4th. Libra stellium in the 11th house. By: milkaholicclown on November 26, at pm. Would love some of your insight! Your page has been very helpful! Since the Midheaven represents your career path and long term goals, these abilities would be assets over the long haul and would help you to understand and deal with difficult people or situations in your career.

By: Donna Cunningham on January 29, at am. Mars is also Quintile my Virgo Pluto in my 9th house. With my Mercury and Mars Quintile I have noticed that I really have a problem with running off at the mouth at times. It took me years to understand that words can be used as weapons and that I have to be very careful in choosing my words and when not to speak at all! The Quintile between Mars and Pluto in my chart is a good emphasis on the power of survival. By: witchyseattle on April 20, at am. I call the positive Mars-Pluto aspects manifestation mojo—the ability to summon things want or need by willing them into being.

I have the conjunction and it works very strongly. By: Donna Cunningham on April 20, at am. It handles the Saturn — Pluto bi-Q exact degrees. You really made me see a new perspective of the quintile! My Venus is in Aquarius and in 8th house. Pluto for me is retrograde, making many aspects to other planets and in barely in Sagittarius in 5th house. So, by the house placements alone shows a very particular way of artistic expression usually in an intense way, dramatic way, dark, you name it.

The sign Scorpio is in my 5th house as well so also reading about that as well as Venus in Aquarius shows a lot of support in a unique, dramatic way of self expression on a personal level. I still decided to look more into it. Venus being a personal planet obvious has a lot to do with refinement and relationships in terms of pleasure and 8th can be a good and bad placement for it.

To be concise, it makes relationships difficult and so does Pluto in 5th. Then I looked at a particular website that wrote about Pluto aspects to other planets in a general way meaning not being specific to conjunction or square or anything and it was very concise yet quite insightful to me. I first made sure whoever wrote it considered quintiles and all that to apply to following information of course. I plan on embarking on this journey to fully understand it, at least as much as I can from this point on. Plus by sharing your interpretation, you added to all our knowledge of this special aspect.

Thank you! I am Mars quintile Uranus and Sun quintile Neptune, and totally own and am grateful that I have them. By: Donna Cunningham on December 12, at pm. Or knowing which are more important. By: Donna Cunningham on February 4, at pm. The interesting thing to me is that 1. Both my Stelliums are involved. So those aspects are all part of a distinct planetary pattern, and all connected in what I call a talent triangle. As you are meant to do over time. Hi, I have Venus conj Jupiter less than 1 degree in Capricorn in the 10th house both being quintile Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th.

Is this usable in career wise direction? Those quintile are talents even together with pluto? I have no idea how to interpret them. I like doing art but not very realistic ones, and people always smile when they see it, they are usually drawn to it. Also those are the only quintiles I have.

It is really confusing to me. By: fairydreamssims4 on March 6, at am. Ahh and the north node is in 2nd house Taurus. I have Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini making them a mutual reception and the final dispositor of my chart. It suggests a very quick, perceptive mind, probably quick to learn new skills and grasp new ideas way before others and to communicate them.

Decisive—able to take action quickly and effectively. Gemini rules the hands, so possibly quite good with things done with the hands.

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  8. Could be athletic. The downside? Any Mars-Mercury combo can be sharp tongued, impulsively saying things that wound others—but with a quintile, you probably get way with it. By: Donna Cunningham on June 26, at am. I have moon Virgo 12th quintile both my Chiron and Midheaven. Both in Cancer 10th house. No idea what this means. If they are significant or not. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Sky Writer Donna Cunningham's Blog on astrology, healing, and writing. Now, as mentioned earlier in this article, this set by no means covers every possible sigil, glyph, or symbol to be found in the literature, but will nevertheless prove useful as a reference for what are by far the most frequently used symbols in astrology.

    The only main one not given is the IC, for which the symbol is "IC", so pretty self-explanatory. This is the end of the article. Return to the start of How to Read Your Birthchart. The symbols "glyphs" displayed stand for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors representing forces which may affect your life at any given time.

    Each of these astrological factors represents a coded set of drives in your sub-conscious. Drives may be activated and brought to your awareness by circumstances in your life, presenting you with a range of choices. Of course, your choices are to a considerable extent limited and determined by your character, which is itself revealed through an understanding of the symbols that make up the chart.

    Your birth chart, or horoscope , is usually shown in the form of a wheel, symbolising the cycles periodically undergone by all living things on this planet. Moon Luna. Part of Fortune. Dragon's Head. Dragon's Tail. Pallas Athene. Sun Sol. A large number of other aspects employed mainly by Uranian astrologers, esoteric astrologers and harmonic astrologers, seem to me to have very little practical value.

    quintile symbol astrology Quintile symbol astrology
    quintile symbol astrology Quintile symbol astrology
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